We're a team of experienced designers that have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

OUR mission

We believe design is best when it is simple, honest, and human. We think we know just how to do that. We aim to exceed expectations - both yours and ours. We strive to build brands that evoke emotion and connect with people on a forever kind of level. We're inspired by corporations with big vision and by start-ups with big dreams. We want to help you build something incredible.

monika cascone
Creative Director

  • WE ONLY WORK WITH consumer brands.

    1.Packaging Design

    We design products from the ground up. We communicate values through line, shape, and color. We craft identities, logos, and fully-developed brand personalities.

    "We were not yet broadly advertising our products because we had a lot of demand already. After showing the new packaging we landed major distribution across the US. Many times over, thank you for helping my company by creating this!"

    David Jusseaume
    CEO, Chrome Cellular

  • 2.Brand Identity

    Your brand has a name, a personality, and a meaning. We craft identities, logos, and fully-developed brand personalities to match what you stand for.

    "BrandHEAVY is our go to team. Always responsive and nails what we are looking for. Monika and her team make it look easy."

    Alain Vasquez
    Brand Manager, 310 Nutrition

  • 3.Brand Experiences

    The packaging is just the beginning on the road to earning and keeping customers. We support your marketing efforts with all visual elements to create excellent brand experiences.

    "BrandHEAVY did an amazing job building our brand, packaging and other consumer interaction points."

    John Sequino
    Founding Partner, K9 Power

WHAT DOES IT MEAN TOwork with us.

  • design, distilled.

    With over 40 years of combined big agency and retail packaging design experience, we have learned what really matters in package design. Our projects take the essence of the design, without the bloat of a big agency.

  • simple, streamlined process.

    We help you through every step of the process, while looking at design from a consumer and competitive perspective, to produce design that wins on the shelf.

  • we know our stuff.

    With our years of developing big national brands and deep experience in the retail packaging industry we know what sells and how to make you stand out from the competition.

  • stores carry products with our designs nationally and overseas.

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