5 Brand Collaborations We Love and Why

To shed light on the power of brand collaborations, we asked five industry leaders to share their favorite partnerships and the reasons behind their choices. From Co-Founders to Growth Managers, their insights span from Nike and Total Shape for innovating fitness together to LEGO and NASA building future innovators. Dive into these five compelling stories of successful brand collaborations.

  • Nike and Total Shape: Innovating Fitness Together
  • H&M and WWF: Fashion Meets Conservation
  • Supreme and Vans: Balancing Basics and Edge
  • Airbnb and Pantone: Colorful Booking Experience
  • LEGO and NASA: Building Future Innovators

Nike and Total Shape: Innovating Fitness Together

Choosing a favorite collaboration is tough because there are so many incredible brands out there. However, if I had to single one out, it would be our partnership with Nike. 

What sets Nike apart for me is their relentless pursuit of pushing boundaries and fostering innovation. Collaborating with them enabled us to integrate cutting-edge fitness technology into our products, taking the workout experience to a whole new level. Their global influence and commitment to empowering athletes align perfectly with Total Shape’s mission of helping people achieve their fitness goals. 

Together, we’ve been able to inspire and support countless individuals on their fitness journeys, making it a collaboration that I hold very close to my heart.

Isaac Robertson, Co-Founder and Nutritionist, Total Shape

H&M and WWF: Fashion Meets Conservation

One brand collaboration that genuinely impressed me is between H&M and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). In this partnership, H&M, a leading fashion retailer, and WWF, a global conservation organization, teamed up to create a special children’s collection, highlighting the importance of wildlife conservation. 

The designs were playful, educational, and made from organic cotton, combining both sustainability and fashion. I believe this collaboration helps instill an early love for the environment in children, influencing Generation Z to make considered choices. It’s a significant step towards driving sustainability in fashion.

Abid Salahi, Co-Founder and CEO, FinlyWealth

Supreme and Vans: Balancing Basics and Edge

I’m a sucker for shoe collaborations, and I’m also of a certain age, so the original Supreme X Vans shoe store exclusive in 1996 is a great example of a large company working with a small start-up. Supreme was two years old at the time, and the project just “worked.” 

They revisited the collaboration starting in 2004 to celebrate Supreme’s 10th anniversary and have been consistently releasing tasteful and over-the-top shoes since. Their mix of back-to-basics and edgy designs offered fresh takes on Vans Old School, Chukka, and other skater-favorite footwear styles. Designs with stars and checkerboard patterns mixed with simple, colorful—effortless—style.

Dan Ketterick, Growth Manager, FleetNow

Airbnb and Pantone: Colorful Booking Experience

The collaboration between Airbnb and Pantone brings an artistic touch to the booking experience. Pantone curates unique accommodations based on color palettes, adding visual appeal and creative narrative to travel. 

The subtlety of this collaboration lies in the seamless integration of colors with accommodation choices, enhancing the aesthetic experience for travelers. For example, a “Serenity and Tranquility” palette could inspire a beachside retreat, while an “Energetic and Bold” palette may lead to a vibrant city loft. This partnership appeals to design-conscious travelers who appreciate the attention to detail and personalized offerings.

Yoana Wong, Co-Founder, Secret Florists

LEGO and NASA: Building Future Innovators

The collaboration between LEGO and NASA stands out as a unique and impactful brand collaboration. It focuses on inspiring children’s interest in science and space exploration through creative play. LEGO sets based on NASA missions and spacecraft encourage children to build, explore, and learn about scientific concepts in a hands-on way. 

By combining the popular LEGO brand with NASA’s expertise, this collaboration fosters an early interest in STEAM education and helps shape future innovators and scientists.
Ben Lau, Founder, Featured SEO Company

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